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Branding is the development and anchoring of a unique and distinctive brand for a company, its products and services.

Strong branding serves the image and reputation as well as the profile, and it facilitates differentiation from the competition – it lets the company stand out from the crowd, distinguishing it from the masses of comparable offers.

From the viewpoint of the demanders, branding is the emotional perception; the complete picture that consists of the actions and performances of a company.

In addition to promoting identification and building trust, a strong brand provides a sense of orientation both internally and externally.

  • Development and anchoring a unique and distinctive brand

  • A strong brand provides a sense of orientation both internally and externally.
  • Packaging quality signalises card quality.

Successful branding requires consistent communication to ensure that the same messages are conveyed and experienced between the company and the demanders at all points of contact.

Effective packaging design draws attention to a product or service and ensures recognisability.

The packaging presents the product to the outside world – especially in the card industry, it frequently represents the interface between the product and user. In this cases, it is the purchaser’s first point of contact with his/her object of desire.

  • Essential Component
  • Growing Significance
  • Target-Oriented Strategy
  • Environmentally Friendly Design

Packaging design is the design of emotions and experiences. The communication performance of packaging is increasingly becoming a medium used for conveying emotional messages.

This aspect is still frequently underrated, yet the quality of a product, the desire to want a product, aesthetics, trendiness, conspicuousness and likeability are aspects that should be taken into account when designing card packaging.

The assumed quality of a card becomes visible on the outside and, combined with the packaging, can be experienced with the different senses. This means nothing other than that the quality of the packaging signalises the quality of the contents.

  • Visible Promise
  • Improved Orientation
  • Identification of quality
  • Recognisable Differentiation