Packaging solutions


We develop individual packaging concepts for our customers
with creativity, passion and fresh ideas.

Focussing on the Solutions Branding creates trust 4 Sustainability – Eco design by CAIRON 2

CAIRON helps you to find innovative, however functional and cost-saving packaging and gives you a number of extra benefits.

In close cooperation with our clients we develop individual concepts, find the right solution for each individual project to achieve the highest degree of effectiveness and quality.

We offer many alternatives like recyclable plastics, papers of responsible managed forests and other materials coming from certified productions. We manage to reduce the ecological impact of our products by choosing environment-friendly raw materials and producing in a sustainable way.

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  • Large product portfolio

  • Virtually unlimited production capacity
  • Short time to market
  • Highly environmentally friendly options

Branding is the development and anchoring of a unique and distinctive brand for a company, its products and services.

Strong branding serves the image and reputation as well as the profile, and it facilitates differentiation from the competition – it lets the company stand out from the crowd, distinguishing it from the masses of comparable offers.

From the viewpoint of the demanders, branding is the emotional perception; the complete picture that consists of the actions and performances of a company.

In addition to promoting identification and building trust, a strong brand provides a sense of orientation both internally and externally.

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  • Development and anchoring a unique and distinctive brand

  • A strong brand provides a sense of orientation both internally and externally.
  • Packaging quality signalises card quality.

The topic of sustainability has long hit home with consumers. Beyond “eco-strategy” or “a fashion wave”, the increasing problems related to the environment have led to higher awareness with regard to the environment.

Although high awareness in terms of the environment does not always lead to environmentally appropriate behaviour, it can nevertheless be observed that consumer behaviour is successively shifting towards “responsibility”.

This way of thinking has changed in the course of time: the ecological dimension of a packaging item has become an evaluation criterion for consumers that is not to be underestimated: consumers increasingly want to know about the impact of the packaging on the environment.

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  • Avoiding the consumption of non-renewable raw materials

  • Producing in an energy-saving and low-emission manner
  • Promoting recycling